Clients and Case Studies

I have had the privilege of working with all kinds of companies from the established to the up-and-coming, from the startup to the storied. Explore my digital marketing case studies below.

How I Helped Steelhouse Launch Steelhouse University

How I Helped Steelhouse Launch Steelhouse University

In 2016, Steelhouse hired me as the lead content creator to help launch Steelhouse University. The brand initiative was designed to teach entry-level marketers how to excel in their new roles and hit the ground running as valuable members of their new teams. I was solely responsible for the creation of the course curriculum and its materials, which included three elements: interactive fiction, lecture videos, and quizzes.


Interactive Fiction

This choose-your-own-adventure story revolved around a new hire on his first day of working backstage at a rock concert. The story consisted of 1,500 nodes of interactivity, decision forks wherein players had to make marketing-related choices to drive the story forward. At over 70,000 words, this interactive, first-person narrative represented my greatest contribution to the project.


Lecture Videos

Although industry thought-leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk were cast to actually teach the course material, I was the one behind the scenes who conducted research, designed the content, and wrote the script for these instructionals.



No lecture was complete without validation of student learning and bonus action items. These next steps appeared as quizzes, activities, and reminders that we pushed to an in-game calendar.