The Portfolio of

Luke A. Renner

Senior Digital Marketing Director who helps startups build brands, accelerate growth, and create conversion-optimized, totally-addictive content. 

Creative and Strategic Marketing

I have helped organizations from Silicon Valley to London build the assets and digital infrastructure they need to meaningfully grow their businesses. Whether I'm working alone or as the leader of a wider team, I can help you move your company forward by launching creative and strategic initiatives.


I am a proflific writer, averaging about 50,000 words per month. I write articles, blog posts, social media, on-site content, email newsletters, etc. — all the products of detailed SEO research.


I can help you identify, nurture, and convert highly qualified marketing leads by using the very best omni-channel and time-tested digital marketing strategies.


I help early-stage companies establish their brand identities by not only choosing design elements like logos and colors but also by helping them discover their brand's unique voice and personality.


I build custom websites that can unify your design, messaging, branding, and growth strategies into a memorable online presence.


Every creative or strategic decision I make is informed by digging deep into the data. My three favorite tools (and certifications) are Google Analytics, Hotjar, and Hubspot.


Companies cannot accelerate growth without a paid marketing component. I am certified across Google, Facebook, and Linkedin and build all of the ad assets myself.

"Luke helped my company get its demand-generation house in order. Not only did he completely revamp our brand and relaunch our website, he also helped us deploy several marketing campaigns. I've seen a 30% increase in sales. 

I recommend him wholeheartedly. His work is excellent.
— Gary Germer
 Gary Germer & Associates

Unforgettable Copywriting

I've been a writer and content creator for most of my career. As you'll see, I have an extensive history of producing all types of precise, iconic, and conversion-optimized content. Each has been carefully crafted to drive conversions and conversations.

When North Pole Founder and CEO Santa Claus was looking to optimize his global manufacturing and package delivery organization, the founder turned to Artificial Intelligence to deliver a variety of wins across the supply-chain.

Regardless of when the industry hits that so-far mythological five-dollars-per-pound price point, global demand for carbon fiber continues to rise. In the last eight years, demand has risen from 33,000 metric tons in 2010 to 70,000 metric tons.

For me, marketing goes beyond information delivery. Marketing is the process by which you establish trust with a complete stranger and develop that trust until they hire you to solve their problems for them.

Though early adopters had been investing in bitcoin for years, 2017 will be remembered as the year that the technology finally went mainstream.


Today, 60% of all trades, globally, are conducted by AI-powered systems. We wondered whether these systems could be exploited to manipulate the stock market.

Have you felt the frustration? Logging into your Indeed candidate pool, only to be let down? Mediocre cover letters. Mediocre work experience. Mediocre candidates. If it sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. 

Stunning Web Design

The websites I create for my clients unify a breathtaking visual style with the best in digital marketing. Design, messaging, forms, tracking tags and analytics all come together to deliver a memorable online presence that transforms businesses. By the way, I build this very website in 4 days.

Clients and Case Studies


Sole marketing hire, responsible for everything, including owning the go-to-market strategy, establishing the brand identity, and building a content-focused demand generation engine from scratch.


First marketing hire that built the marketing team, owned the go-to-market blueprint, established the brand identity, and built the demand generation engine.


Content creator who helped launch Steelhouse University, a brand initiative to teach entry-level marketers how to settle into their roles and hit the ground running.


Developed and executed their inbound content strategy by writing on a variety of science-related topics.


Build out a lot of unique content, including a user-generated content initiative and a documentary youtube series called

The 180.


Help the organization relaunch their website and deploy several marketing campaigns.

Luke is one of the most creative, forward-thinking people I have ever worked with. Not only does he demonstrate a deep talent for writing, design, and film production, he also has a finely tuned business acumen.

We're very glad to have found such a talented and thoughtful director to lead our marketing department.
— John Bowers
JCC Bowers